A Gift for the Sis

I was greatly maddened today when my sister, in the throws of a hard mommy day, accused me of having a house that’s “always perfectly clean.” I like my house to be neat it’s true, but if I ever become one of “those people,” you have my permission to smash a large melon over my head and then wipe it all over my carpet. Then proceed to commit me to a mental institution because with 2 kids under the age of 3, are you kidding me? There is no real excuse for the state of my house today except – I’m having a great day. Today is a day of cuddling, napping, stories, playing and blogging. So here, for my sister’s enjoyment are the pictures I took while I was on the phone with her (btw, today was supposed be laundry day):
messy7 messy1 messy2 messy3 messy4messy6

Sorry to my Mom, Dan, and anyone else who taught me better or gets to come home and live here later this evening. I may clean it all up one day but right now I’m playing with the kids. (Well, right now I’m posting embarrassing pictures of my house. Stop yelling at me!)

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