How to Spaz out your Betta Fish…and What Kathryn Needs

So Karli dropped by some chocolates yesterday to increase my health and my pants size. While she was over, she showed me a cool trick. If you hold a mirror up to your Betta fish, he thinks its a rival fishy and starts fritzing out. He puffs up and paces back and forth, eventually “attacking” the new fish by ramming himself into the glass. This is mean, but a fascinating experiment.

I woke up this morning and informed Laylee that I was still sick (its mostly in my lungs now and I’m totally grossed out by “hawking it up” so it may stay there a while. Dan has tried teaching me how to do this several times but I always end up gagging and yorching. I know, TMI). Anyway, I was smiling when I told her so she asked, “Are your eyes happy but your body is sick?” So cute. What kind of genius is she? Then she asked, “Can you PLEASE get better today?” Well, ma’am, I sure hope so but since I’m on day 4 I will at least try to go on with life as usual.

Here’s a quick meme for fun. I feel like I’m always the last to find these but if you haven’t already done it, let me know if you find any good ones.

Do a google search with your first name and the word needs all in quotes. Example: “Kathryn needs” Then find the funniest results. Here are a few of mine:

Kathryn needs help with toileting”
Kathryn needs to know ASAP”
Kathryn needs to avoid to[o] great a consumption of these. Ostrich.”
Kathryn needs James to help her win the Great Centennial Race because she needs the $50K prize”
Kathryn needs to go down for her first nap 3 hours after wakening and go down for her 2nd nap….”
Kathryn needs a husband to save her”
Kathryn needs to be self motivated, organized and able to get on with a wide range of people of differing ages”
Kathryn needs to have more chances to weigh in”
“‘Miss Carter, anytime Kathryn needs correcting, you just correct her.'”
“Well for starters, Kathryn needs relationships”
“All Kathryn needs now is another blind date”
Kathryn needs your help!”
Kathryn needs to execute her plan to stop the train very precisely, because if she miscalculates, she will be launching fully loaded freight cars all over the city.”
Kathryn needs time in the sun.”
Kathryn needs to run some errands or just plain get out of the house”


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