Tips for Tuesday – Best Kitchen Organization Tip

Hit me with your best kitchen organization Tip.

I love my kitchen and oh how I love organization. Here is my favorite thing…….making kits. You probably all already do this but you haven’t given it a fancy name.

A kit is created when you put all the stuff that goes together in an easily accessible box or tray. Some examples:

Measuring kit – Why go back to the drawer 80 times to get a teaspoon while you’re making cookies? Just pull out the measuring kit, use what you need and put it back when you’re done.

kitchen org1

Spice kit – same idea. Every spice does not fit in the cute little spice rack on your counter. For the others, label their tops and put them in a tray. You can pull it down while you’re cooking and keep everything organized.

kitchen org2

Lid Kit – You get the pitcha.

kitchen org3

Okay, now I wanna see yours. No freeloaders here. Tell me what you do to keep your kitchen in line.

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