Tip Tuesday — De-junking without Waste…and free stuff

So how do you de-junk your house without wasting a bunch of stuff?

1. I took my old cell phone in to The Body Shop to be dontated to battered or homeless women who don’t have access to a phone for emergencies. I found out about the program from a website called Earth 911 that encourages recycling, reusing and responsible disposal of junk.

2. C from Squishy Burrito told me about a site called Freecycle that hooks you up with people from your area who are getting rid of stuff for free. It’s sort of like a no-cost Craig’s List. Very cool.

3. Then there’s my favorite — Frugal Reader where you trade books with people online for the cost of postage. I probably like this one so much because for everything you get rid of, you get a credit to bring one more thing into your house.

4. I want to get rid of some stuff. If anyone wants my stuff, let me know and I will send it to you in the mail. Here’s what I’ve got:

A. VHS copy of Sabrina with Harrison Ford

B. DVD copy of the first Lord of the Rings movie, theatrical version, widescreen, great condition. We’re geeks and got the extended version too.

C. Surprise picture frame of my choosing. I haven’t decided which one yet. I have a ton that I’m not using but can’t bring myself to throw away. This will be an adventure and I hope against hope someone picks this one.

D. Last but not least — a very secret surprise prize that NOT EVEN I know what it is yet. It’s just an incentive for me to get rid of something else. If you choose option D, I will be forced to further de-junk.

I may list more free, light-weight stuff on here for no reason except it’s FUN!

What do you do to de-junk your house? This can include methods of weeding, places to donate, etc. Any tip relating to de-junking will be accepted.

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