I Still Have a Woobie

Well, sort of. Currently the Woob is in the possession of one adorable two-year-old with the nickname of Laylee.

My mom made me the blanket when I was an infant and I carried it everywhere. It was originally made with two layers of fuzzy flannel and had a large duck embroidered in one corner. From age 3-12, the blanket was an actual need. I was terrified to go to bed at night and needed the blanket to comfort and protect me. I slept with it up through high school. At that point, it was more to be quirky than from actuall need.

The duck is gone.

Layer number 2 is gone.

Most of the blanket is gone.

woobieAll that is left is a small transparent rag that has been re-hemmed about a hundred times by a woman with the nickname of — My Mommy. I took the Woobie to college — not because I still needed it, just to have something familiar around. Sheesh!

Now when I’m allowed to use it, I roll it up and sleep with it over my eyes like a mask. I did this a lot after Magoo was born and I was struggling for every moment of sleep.

Last night, we found Laylee asleep on the floor with the Woob wrapped tightly around her like a little cocoon. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy and glad to see it passed down. You know you can never force them to form an attachment to anything. We certainly didn’t encourage her love affair with Ducky.

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