Tip Tuesday — What to Do with the Chillins

“Seattle? It rains 9 months of the year in Seattle”

~Sleepless in Seattle~

I have a two-year-old (who this week has started telling everyone that she is three. She is not.)

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with her, especially during those long 9 months.

Please to help me.

Here are a couple of suggestions from me to you all, with deepest regards.

1. Water — in buckets, in the sink, in the tub, on the porch, with cups and spoons and dippy, poury things. Water is nice. Water can be cleaned up with towels. Water is also good for drinking….. if it is potable (I love that word). If not, please refer to Bon for suggestions. ***DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IN YOUR SINK IF THE OVERFLOW DRAINS DIRECTLY INTO THE CUPBOARD UNDERNEATH***

2. Cards — I did not think it was possible to play cards with a toddler until the genius known as Nantie Meg made up a card game to keep Laylee occupied at the beach house this summer.

The Equipment: Deck of Playing Cards
Number of Players: No more than 52
Object of the Game: Find the Joker
The Rules: Each player takes a turn picking a card from the deck (or having it picked for them, depending on their eptness with the opposable thumb). The player then calls out what the card is (or has it called out for them, depending on their eptness with the numbers). Laylee calls them hearts, diamonds, clovers and black hearts. All royalty are queens. I guess some are of the drag variety. All two-digit numbers are ten.
To Win: Pick up the Joker on your turn. Yell, “It’s the JOKER!!! I WIN!!” and jump up and down. Then beg to play again.

Okay, now give me your ideas before I hunt you down and make you play “cards” with me 50 times in one afternoon. I’m serious. I’ll do it. I’m a mutha on the brink!

(Okay, not really, but I’d like some more ideas…..please.)

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