Ducky, this HAS to Stop — Part Deux

In the morning Ducky went AWOL.
Many tears were shed.
Many shrieks were heard.
Much searching occurred.
Hours later, the table was cleared for lunch:






Much rejoicing.

For the LOVE! Ducky, you’re usually a pretty good kid. You are almost as valuable to this family’s happiness as my biological children so I try to treat you well. The massages, the bubble baths, the trips to Madrid…..

Would you please knock it off with the in-under-concealed-beneath routine? You’re driving me mental!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Laylee has picked up the phrase, “for the love.”

Example: I was unbuckling her from her car seat when she asked very sweetly, “Oh, for the love Mommy, can you please carry me up?”

Ooooo, in other news, we may put a real offer on a van tomorrow. It may not be the pimped out one I will be dreaming of tonight but it will be sweet and have plenty of room to haul Ducky and his entourage anywhere they want to hide. Lookout Grand-people! Here we come.

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