Tip Tuesday – Where’s the Love?

the lookWe’ve all done it. Sitting around a table at a wedding luncheon, engagement party or reception, we’ve given advice to the happy couple. I for one have next to no recollection of the advice that was given to me and my husband around that table.

Do you? The wedding was a joy and a blur and listening to Great Aunt Ida tell me about what carried her marriage through The Depression got lost in the moment.

weddingI’d like the advice back now. So, Aunt Ida and anyone else who’d like to participate, if you had to give one piece of advice to a newly married couple, what would it be?

The one that really sticks with me and that has served us very well in our marriage is – Never put each other down, even in jest.

I hear too many people calling their spouse lame, lazy, uncoordinated, chunky, a terrible cook, ha ha ha just kidding. Wasn’t that funny? I just said my wife was stupid and unattractive in front of other people, but I didn’t really mean it, get it? Get it? It was a joke.


What advice do you have that could save all of our marriages and put Dr. Phil out of business?

*I did not choose this Tip topic because Dan is lame. He is not lame, even in jest.

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