Tip Tuesday – Repressed is Best

Repressed passion in a movie really does something for me. The theme of today’s Valentine’s Tip Tuesday is “movies that rule because they contain steamy repressed passion”.

Back in the day, my roommates and I would sit around and watch “look” clips. These were clips from films where the characters were deeply in love but the only way you could tell was by the “looks” they gave each other.

There was no passionate kissing, just a deep and repressed Pride and Prejudice-like passion. Something about the longing, the love without resolution was so romantic and so moving.

During the viewing of these clips, we screamed a lot, held hands and many tears were shed.

Some of my favorite moments include:

rp darcyPride and Prejudice (A&E) – the look Mr. Darcy gives Miss Bennet when she goes to straighten the pages of his sister’s piano music. AAAHHHH!!! Then he goes back to the same spot in the drawing room and relives the look.

The new Pride and Prejudice – Mossy columns…proposal…in the rain…
rp prideandprejudice
Sound of Music – The scene where they dance out in the courtyard and her face blushes and they can’t stop staring at each other. This portion of the musical is worn out on my DVD. When she ends up back in her room with evil Baroness Shrader, time to rewind.

rp sound
Jane Eyre (A&E version) – Samantha Morton who plays Jane comes to save Mr. Rochester from being burned alive in his bed. He asks her to stay a moment and hold his hand…
rp jane eyre
An Affair to Remember – See Rita Wilson’s stirring rendition of this one in Sleepless in Seattle.
rp cary_grant4
Riverdance – There’s a scene where a couple sings a love song and at the end she turns away and then he grabs her by the hand and they look in each other’s eyes and my roommates LOSE THEIR MINDS. Yes, Riverdance, with the dancing. That is correct.
rp remains
Remains of the Day – Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins, the love, the inability to express emotion, the physical and emotional closeness that can never be.

What are your favorites? Share – for the love of the season.

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