Friday Night Ketchup

So, I’ve got a bunch of blogging stuff to catch up on. It’s almost Saturday and I haven’t even posted Thursday show and tell. So here’s my meal, roasted sweet potatoes and potato-potatoes and fork-tender roast beef:

Three days out of the week, a friend delivers a hot delicious meal to my door.

I pull it out.
Dish it up.
Yum. Yum. Yum. I’m supposed to add something green, but this one already had something orange so I figured I was okay. Still taking those prenatal vitamins so I think I’m good.

Now a meme from Beth, the fabulous:

10 years ago: I was finishing my senior year of high school in the great state of Texas. I was working 20 hours a week as a geophysical technician, planning on having the oil company I was working for pay my way through college to become an engineer. A few months later I decided to study film and English instead. I was teaching piano lessons and working as a checker at a grocery store, the worst checker in recorded history. I weighed 40 lbs less. I had 2 fewer kids and much more sleep. I went to prom with Jessica’s husband.

5 years ago: I graduated from college, got a job as an Associate Librarian for a public library, supervising their Media department. A professor once joked that I was the only film graduate he knew that was working in a job in the “industry” with steady pay and benefits. I was still working freelance as a marketing person for a big Denver-based library supplier, traveling around the country talking about their digital products. I met Dan, fell in love and got married…in a very short period of time. I stopped going to prom with Jessica’s husband.

1 Year ago: I was pregnant with Magoo, feeling great, excited to be having a boy. We started “aggressively” potty-training Laylee. Hm…she’s ALLLL-most there now.

5 songs I know all the words to: I am a lyrics maniac. I know the words to a LOT of songs, songs I like, songs I abhore. It sort of freaks DYD out. I could even do a stirring rendition of Baby Got Back for no reason whatsoever. Um…eeewwww.

5 Things I’d do with a million dollars:
Sorry to be boring. I’d pay off my house and invest. That is all. With the investment revenue…that’s a whole OTHER question.

5 places I’d run away to:
-My mom’s house
-small eastern townships in Quebec
-Cape May, NJ

5 things I’d never wear:
See-through pants. BETH, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU???? 🙂
-Taper-legged jeans.
-Anything showing my midriff – Magoo was a MONSTER and Laylee loves my tiger-stripes. The rest of the world is gonna have to live without the tankini version of the Daring One.
-A onesie. I will wear nothing that buttons between the legs.
-I can’t think of a 5th. Being a mom and a married woman, there’s not much I cannot see myself wearing in some situation.

5 Favorite Toys:
-Purses and Bags – of all kinds
-Phones – Cell and Land

5 Favorite Books or TV shows:
(I’m gonna do the shows because I think I’ve talked about books on here before.)
– Little House on the Prairie
-The Cosby Show (especially the early seasons)
-The West Wing
-The Office

5 Greatest Joys:
-The Spirit in my life
-My extended family on both sides

Kim asked me to do a meme that I’ve done before but it’s been morphing and so I’ll do the parts I didn’t already do. That woman amazes me. How does she have time to raise and educate all those kids and maintain a great blog too? Wow.

4 places I’ve vacationed
-Gaspe, Quebec
-London, England
-Key West, Florida
-“The States” When I was little, growing up in Canada, I would always tell my friends we were planning a summer vacation to “The States.” So very cool.

4 of my favorite dishes
Rogan Josh – Indian Lamb or Beef stew
-Any pasta dish, especially those containing sun-dried tomatoes
-My dad‘s Chili
White Chicken Cilantro Chili

For anyone who cares…I promise to post a real-ish post sometime soon. I’ve been a bit distracted and blah about blogging lately. I’m sure it will come back, that burning need to describe my personal life in detail on the internet in a semi-interesting non-list-format sort of way.

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