I Can’t Carry her Around Forever

Like nearly everyone in America, I’m trying to lose weight. You may have guessed this from last week’s Tip Tuesday or from looking at the lovely pictures I post of myself on the website. Anywho, not much success happenin’ around here.

Lame excuses for this:

1. I’m slowly weaning Magoo. My body is still used to eating bigger portions but I’m burning fewer calories.

2. Emotional eating — I’ve made no secret of my PPMD junk and when I get stressed or excited, I grab something to munch on. (No. It is not carrots.)

3. The BLOG — I’ve heard people say their blog makes them fat. Who said that? Tell me so I can credit you. Anyway, sitting around typing and reading things online is not active. When I’m on the computer, my kids wig-out. When my kids wig out, I get stressed. Please refer to excuse #2.

4. I like to sleep and hate to exercise, until I’m actually doing it.

So, today I slept through my gym workout window. I decided to have a dance party this afternoon with the kids to get some cardio in. We rocked. We grooved. It was a blast.

Laylee prefers to “dance” while being held in my arms. I can only do this for so long before I have to put her down. That girl is HEA-VY.

What hit me as I was repeatedly telling her she was too heavy and putting her down was that I have more weight to lose than her total body weight. I am essentially carrying extra weight equal to the total weights of both of my children around – at all times – every day. I’m seriously surprised I can walk at all. Saturday’s little scare also got me thinking about my heart and health.

The dancing was so fun that I decided my reward for losing the first 25 lbs will be to take a Hip-Hop or Jazz dance class for big fat clumsy dorks adult beginners. I told DYD my plan and his exact response was “Kat-izzle in the Hizzle! Yeeee-aaahhh!”

Very supportive as you can see.

So I may or may not keep you all updated on my progress. When I win, you’re all invited over for some sweet dancing. I’m sorry that I WILL dance better than you…the class and all….

Goal Progress 0 (This is the number of lbs lost. Bigger numbers mean YAY!)

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