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Do I have to Wear the Arm Band Every Time I Blog…

Tweet***update – the writer M**** is no longer blogging publicly and has asked that I help protect her privacy so I’ve removed her name from this post and comments and removed any links I had up to her previous site, … Continue reading

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LoveFest Part 2 – Red Hot

TweetSo, as I was taking the picture of my lovely flowers, I heard this hideous wailing like Magoo’s arms were being cut off. My first feeling was annoyance, “Give him back the toy already and we can all carry on … Continue reading

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LoveFest Part 1 – Heads In the Clouds

TweetMeet me at the top of the Space Needle on Valentine’s Day? Okay. I just did. Where were you? So Valentine’s dinner in the rotating restaurant atop the Space Needle will run you a flat $95 per person before tax … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday – Repressed is Best

TweetRepressed passion in a movie really does something for me. The theme of today’s Valentine’s Tip Tuesday is “movies that rule because they contain steamy repressed passion”. Back in the day, my roommates and I would sit around and watch … Continue reading

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This is Not an Art Blog

TweetPlease do not nominate me for anything in that category of blog awards. Leave that to the experts. I think I should be allowed to post about my artistic and martial arts skills from time to time though, without really … Continue reading

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TweetAfter many requests from readers, my parents have officially started blogs. Okay they didn’t start them. I did. BUT they’ve both posted at least once. They may not post again. But then they might. And if they do, it will … Continue reading

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