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Jack-Again and the Littlest Theologian

TweetThis post originally appeared on The Parenting Post on July 31, 2006. We’ve been fishless for months since my last attempt at explaining death to Laylee. For some reason, last week I decided we were ready to try it again. … Continue reading

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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner — Especially Not at BlogHer

TweetToday, I’m catching up on all the things I missed at home, helping my mom move me into the new house. She is a whirlwind of productivity and organization. My Dad is a rock-star of building and home repair. Bob … Continue reading

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If the Right Engine Goes First, All Passengers Shift to the Left Side of the Cabin in an Orderly Crossing Pattern

TweetSo, I’m on the plane, alone except for the totally cute non-couple sitting next to me… and all the other people on this completely full 2-hour-delayed flight from Seattle to San Jose. The couple next to me are wearing matching … Continue reading

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

TweetAnd I grow in excitement for my first sollow plane trip in 4 years. I’ll probably be checking in over the weekend so if you care to hear about my solo-adventures, please stop over for a visit. I’ll let you … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday – Small Talk

TweetBeing as I’m surrounded by short people all day, you’d think I’d be really good at “small talk” by now. Truth be told, what I’m actually good at is talking to small people. The other day, I actually asked one … Continue reading

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Apples, Brats, and an iPod

TweetThis post originally appeared on The Parenting Post on July 24, 2006. They say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and there are days when that thought scares me just a bit. Actual cell phone conversation dramatically transcribed … Continue reading

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