Red? There is No Red!

There is no orange or purple either.

Dark pink?


Orangy Pink?


Purplish pink?

Also affirmative.

Laylee wanted you to know that.

I just wrote what I like to think is my last post about BlogHer… for this week… and it’s being hosted over at the Mommybloggers’ site. They were nice enough to hand out (read this: attack people and brand them with) custom-made washable tatts at ye olde conference.

For those of you who were unable to attend, I accidentally grabbed about 30 of them from the table the last night (I swear they said something about “take as many as you’d like”)
mommyblogherblog this
If you’d like one of these fabulous tattoos, email me your address, tell me which one you want, swear a blood oath that you’ll email me a picture of yourself wearing it, and I’ll mail you a tattoo as a service to the town, courtesy of the Mommybloggers.

Then I’ll post a gallery of all the tattoees with links to your blogs.

***I’ll let you know when they’re gone***

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