Tip Tuesday — Summer Lovin’

More than friends?Dan and I are rounding out 5 years of wedded bliss, and wedded bliss it has been, lassies.  I love him dearly.  Every once in a while I like to look back and remember our first kiss, a kiss which I will describe for you now.

Dan kept me waiting quite a while before he kissed me the first time.  We’d been dating for a while and seeing each other every single day and I was liking him greatly.  But there was the waiting.  At the time I wondered why.  Did I have bad breath?  Weren’t my lips kissable?  Was he not man enough to offer up the smoochage?

smoochWell, my friends.  He was man enough.  One evening I was upset about something, possibly aggravated by the lack of action I was experiencing.  We drove around talking things out and finally ended up back at my apartment.  I told him goodnight and opened the door of the car. 

Dan:  Don’t go yet. Becau–
And mid sentence, mid WORD, he grabbed me back into the car and planted on me the most tender kiss I had ever had.  I still remember the warm tingly feeling that started down my face and neck as I got out of the car.  By the time I entered my apartment, the tingling had spread to my legs and I collapsed on the floor in a heap.

5 years later our relationship has grown and changed in some really excellent ways, but every once in a while I think, “Isn’t it sad that I’ll never experience that first kiss again?”Â 

Today I want ideas for how to spice things up with your main shmoop.

Here are a couple of ideas that have worked nicely for us:

1. Buy him Whoppers… or some favorite special treat.  Sneak it into his car with a cute note or just have them out at a random time.  This especially works well if he knows that you think his favorite special treat is icky.

2.  Re-enact your first kiss.  Set the whole scene, the car, the music, the TommyGirl perfume, and act it out like it was the first time.  This may not feel exactly like the first time, but it is uber romantico if you can stop laughing long enough to actually carry it off.

3.  Go to his place of business, search through the 4 levels of parking in his massive building complex, find his car and cover it with post-it love notes.

4.  Squeeze into one of the outfits you wore when you were first dating.  Read an old journal together, probably yours.  His probably talks more about the great pastrami sandwich he had for lunch and less about the romantic way you were playing footsies under the table at the CougarEat.

5.  Leave a romantic message on his cell-phone voicemail.  Don’t leave it on his work voicemail in case of speakerphone, call monitoring or excessive blushing during a business meeting.

6.  If you’re going out of town, leave a giant life-sized picture of your floating head on your pillow.  This is actually the reason I took the DYM floating head picture, to remind Dan of me while I was away in London.  I cut it out and put it on the pillow and I looked so attractive as a floating head, that I have remained that way ever since.  True story.

Please leave your comments and suggestions. 

Comment moderation is off now, so if your idea is appropriate for my teenage sister’s tender eyes to read, feel free to leave it on the site.  If it’s appropriate for grown-ups only, email it and I will save it away in my “special” file.




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