Settling — A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Chapters 38-45

What is your price?  How often do you settle for something far beneath what you are worthy of because it’s the best thing you’ve been offered so far?  Do you even know that you’re giving up something greater?

Francie knows.  When she agrees to stay on at her job and become the city reader, she knows that she’s giving up her education and her future dreams.  She knows she could be doing something greater with her life but she also knows that her family needs the money now and that she has the means to take away their present problems by sacrificing her future happiness.

The decision sickens her to the core and tears at her young heart.  She is doing what she thought she would love and she is finding out that though she has life better than her mother had it and though she is more successful this year than she was the year before, it is not enough.

The interesting thing is, she doesn’t even know the extent to which she is being cheated, underpaid and overworked.  She just knows something’s wrong.

When I am selling out, giving up my chances for a grand life because the illusion of something better than my current situation sits tangibly within my grasp, I know something’s wrong.  Do I always know how desperately wrong?  Do I always care that it’s wrong or do I just go for the something better that’s at arm’s length instead of leaping into the darkness for the unimaginable greatness that is beyond my ability to hope for?

I fear that I often accept the small victories in life, too afraid or too ignorant to really become the worthy protagonist of my life’s story.

Lauren writes
from a New Yorker’s perspective about the ways our world has changed and how it remains the same.
Allysha says “[…]Often times it’s heartbreaking as Francie has to negotiate the world she has created in her mind with the reality she lives in.[…]”Â  In her usual thoughtful way, Allysha discusses this week’s section about growing up.  She discusses beauty and truth and one of my favorite sections of the book.


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