I think you’ll enjoy this awesome talk on children and education if you have an interest in um…children or education.

Speaking of creativity, I have evidence of ballerina class.  Please don’t look at these pictures unless you’re prepared to yorch from the cuteness.  Please also bear in mind that these pictures were taken through a small dirty window using digital zoom, the window only made dirtier by my head pressed up against the glass.  Thanks to the fabulous Kimbo for watching destructo-Magoo so I could enjoy the class.

ballet is serious  creative movement with scarves the I-am-smiling-now smile tapping for joyinto position with taps removing of the taps for the mental health of all adults concerned

Someone is so witty and fabulous on the phone that my family was late for our most recent class.  Must not speak to Jeana on Ballerina day.  Must not speak to Jeana on Ballerina day.

reasons: the man I fell in love with 5 years ago who has carried me through my hard times

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