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Not that Innocent

TweetHow do I regain innocence in a world where ignorance is no longer an option?  My motherhood is my renewed connection with all that is good in the world, and my magnifying glass over all that is frightening and wrong.  … Continue reading

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I Hate Goodbyes — A Tree Grows In Brooklyn — Final Chapters

TweetFrancie and her family close the door on me, just like that?  What gives?  Where’s book two?  A Tree Grows In Brooklyn — the Blog?

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Never Leave Your Kids Alone with a Nut

TweetIt could kill them. Laylee has learned to shell her own peanuts by chewing the shell into tiny shards, spitting it all over my counter and then eating half of the peanut and dropping the other half on the ground. I … Continue reading

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Kafrin Lafrin Bitsy Thompson Laylien

TweetLaylee has made peace with the concept of death in fishes.  She just told me that when JackAgain dies, we will have to get a new fish and we will name her Kafrin Lafrin Bitsy Thompson Laylien.  This name I … Continue reading

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Broke Down Toothbrush

TweetI finally succumbed to the marketing pressure and got me one of them fancy motorized tooth brushin’ contraptions everyone thinks are so great or at least everyone thinks that everyone else thinks they’re so great so they buy them and end … Continue reading

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Settling — A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Chapters 38-45

TweetWhat is your price?  How often do you settle for something far beneath what you are worthy of because it’s the best thing you’ve been offered so far?  Do you even know that you’re giving up something greater?

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