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One of the things I learned working in the media department of a public library with a massive film collection was that people like scaring the living chigooly out of themselves on or around October 31st.  What many people learned the hard way was that if you go to a video store or library the day before or the day of Halloween, you’ll have to be a little more creative when choosing a scary flick to watch.

More than once have I tried to convince a teenaged boy that Nosferatu would be the oogledy boogledy best scary movie to watch for his Halloween bash.  No takers.  No love for the original scary, the movie that started it all.  I bite my thumb at them.  Go to Blockbuster and see if Scary Movie 3 is in stock.  Ha HA!

Then there’s the grown men looking for a scary movie on Halloween night.  Umm… Nosferatu’s still here or you could try that one about the pride and the prejudice… The screaming, the running, the horror, the sudden fits of narcolepsy.  Works every time.

What are some of your favorite scary movies?  Here are a few that you may not have seen:

Nosferatu (1922) — silent, B&W, the original vampire movie.  Everyone should see this at least once.  It also makes a great background on a big screen during a spooky party.

M (1931) — Fabulous German film starring Peter Lorre as one of the all-time creepiest villans,  B&W, German with English subtitles.

Le Boucher (The Butcher 1970) — Another great murder mystery, French with english subtitles, directed by Claude Chabrol.  You will be freaked out by this well crafted thriller.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) — Kampy, silly 80’s horror flick.

The Brain from Planet Arous (1957) — Life is not complete without viewing this 50s horror film.  A giant brain from Planet Arous, held up by heavy wires, “floats” around and possesses the body of a well-known scientist.  The tagline reads “It Will Steal Your Body And Damn Your Soul.”Â  You cannot lose with this one.

Wait Until Dark (1967) — My favorite scary movie of all time, this film must be watched in a completely dark house.  Audrey Hepburn plays a blind woman being terrorized by a team of international drug dealers.  There is no scarier movie.  Ever.  I’m willing to step up and fight you over this pronouncement or step up and dance you over it or EVEN freestyle rap battle to prove my point.  I’m that confident.

Now share yours.  Some ideas for younger kids would be helpful too.  Mine are all relatively clean as horror movies go, but much too mature in content for young family viewing.

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