Tip Tuesday — Does Anyone Actually Choose the Trick?

smartiesHonestly, I am more than willing to go buy a few Snickers bars for the neighborhood kids to avoid finding a flaming bag of poo on my front porch. It’s just common sense and although the bag contents are the same color as chocolate, I prefer giving treats to getting tricks.

Now whether you have kids or not, are a kid or not, have ever seen a kid or not, or have even heard of Halloween, you will probably end up with an indecent amount of candy at your house by tomorrow morning. I’m not sure how it always happens. Halloween is rather magical that way.

The important thing is not what kind of candy you get or even how much. What really matters is how you dispose of it. Are you a hoarder? Do you eat it all as quickly as possible? Donate it to an orphanage in Romania for the tax deduction? Or do you simply eat one piece of candy per day until next year?

Guru lady told me this morning that a friend of hers makes a paper chain with different colored rings. Each color means a different amount of candy from 0-whatever you’re comfortable with. The kids take down a ring each day to see how much candy they’re allowed to eat from their treat bag. I’m liking this idea.

How do you eat it? One of my earliest blog posts was a treatise on the one true way to eat Kit-Kat bars. I still eat them like that and I hope by now a few of you do too.

With Rolos, I nibble out a small hole and then suck out all the caramel, finally consuming the chocolate shell. It’s quite satisfying and prolongs the enjoyment.

Tell your candy tips. What is the one true way to eat a peanut butter cup? How many Smarties should be eaten at once?

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Reasons: Magoo lifting every pumpkin he sees over his head and smashing it to the ground and laughing

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