Life in Atlantis

By now you probably know that much of Washington has been swallowed up in the great waters of the Puget Sound apocalypse.

Our town is effectively cut off from civilization as the rivers in the area have swollen to gigantical proportions. Here are a few photos:

This was taken a couple of months ago. Notice the mint-green buildings in the top left corner accross the river.
flood before

Here’s a broad picture of the flooding today. The mint-green buildings are in the back behind the submerged picnic structures and floating trash cans. You can click to enlarge.
flood_Picture 010

Dan and his mom on a bench by the river:
flood before2

The same bench yesterday morning:
flood after

Red arrow points to the same bench today:
flood_Picture 007

Magoo and Auntie (isn’t she gorgeous?) at the park several yards from the river. Notice the trash cans in the background.
flood picture 146

Same garbage cans, now floating, taken from the opposite direction. Don’t worry. Magoo and Auntie are safe on dry land.
flood_Picture 004

Some family friends pose atop a wall at a major intersection. In the background you can see the bridge Dan would normally drive on to come home.
flood friends

The Red Cross has been asking for clothes and blankets for the many people pulled from the river who are staying at local shelters. We currently have no access to a hospital, but the local grocery store is keeping up with demand for corndogs and tomato bisque so we’re in good shape.

Luckily we just practiced for a disaster and it scared me badly enough to stock up on anything we were lacking. It’s actually quite nice to have Dan home with us, our CD player still playing Backstreet Boys and the heater keeping us cozy on our tiny island. We’ve only run into a few problems.

Ballet class — the teacher left for a few minutes to pick up her daughter from school and while she was gone, the last road to our town became submerged in water. Laylee and the three other little girls who showed up for class were so sad that we slipped into the unlocked dance studio, turned on the music and let them go crazy, freestyle.

Voting — My polling place was across the river and although the bridge was still accessible when I headed out, I was afraid it wouldn’t be when I wanted to come back so I ended up filling out a provisional ballet at the one location near our house. By the time I finished voting, the last road had been closed.

Mice — Dan went into the attic to check for roof leaks and found something much more frightening than a $20,000 repair bill — MOUSE DROPPINGS!!!! ACK! BLECK!

Bad planning — Our crawl space is filling with water. Upon investigation, it appears that our gutters drain directly into a pipe that flows into the crawl space. There is no drain in the crawl space, just a giant swimming pool for the mice. ACK! BLECK!

For now the power is on so we can watch DVDs till our heads explode, blog, and nuke the corndogs (We do not eat corndogs on a regular basis. Corndogs are food reserved for circus trips, nuclear holocausts and floods).

DYM is hosted locally by a friend with very limited backup power so if our power goes out, the site will go bu-bye for a while. It will just add to the drama. Where is Kathryn? Can she cook her corndogs? Has she been swallowed by the great leviathan? You won’t know till the power comes back on and the power won’t come back on until the roads are clear and the roads won’t be clear until the waters subside and the waters won’t subside until the dove can bring us back an olive branch. And here I float in a house full of animal droppings. It seems almost biblical. Peace out.

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