If Only I Weren’t So Organized

I started listening to Christmas music yesterday. We try to listen to religious music on Sundays and what’s more religious than the birth of the Savior? No, I’m not rationalizing, mom. It was a very uplifting Sabbath.

It sort of spilled over to today. The music wants to be played and who am I to stop it?

So, I got to thinking. I generally try to restrain myself from decorating until the day after Thanksgiving. But this year because of family in town, I won’t be able to decorate until a FEW DAYS AFTER Thanksgiving. I know. It’s horrifying, really. So my thought is that I need to decorate before the Thanksgiving festivities begin.

That means I should do it on Friday. But I’ll be so busy getting ready all week. I think I have to do it today so I can relax and clean the house for the holiday (the one with the pilgrims). I promise not to put the wreath on the door, decorate a Christmas tree or light the outside lights until after Thanksgiving…much.

Are we still friends?

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