Weekend Tip-Off: Saving Time

I find it interesting that my last post was about how I don’t have time and I’ve been putting off asking for time-saving tips until I had the time to write about it.

My biggest advice for saving time is something I haven’t been doing myself lately. THINK! Take the time to think and plan what you do.

Take a few minutes each week and then each morning to prioritize your activities. Group together similar activities so you’re not in the car running errands every single day.

If you know you’re gonna be running around all day, pack food in your car for the kids AND yourself so you don’t need to make one more stop at a fast food restaurant.

Keep lists and records. These have shaved off minutes and hours of planning time for me.

If you notice yourself saying, “What the chicken? This is such a waste of time. Why do I always DO this?” stop doing the thing.

If despite all of your best intentions, you are always late, always unkempt and always cranky at your family, cancel some activities. You’re trying to fit too much in and the crankier you are, the less productive you’ll be. (A “friend” has this problem. Phew! I’m sure glad it’s not me.)

I still need a lot of help in this area. What do you do to save time? Next weekend we’ll talk about how to spend all of this free time we’re saving up.

reasons: the giant rat vacuum, car insurance, toilet tabs, sleep

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