Socks are Warm

I think the rats are gone.  If not, I’m giving them the silent treatment.  Is that cruel?  If it is, please comment on this post and tell me that I have no right to be a mother because of the way I treat animals.  I always love that.

We are warm and cozy and have had a fabulous Christmas.  Presents flowed like Martinellis at a Mormon New Year’s Eve party and I have become enamored with a device that simultaneously fascinates and terrifies me.  I edited my website from this phone in my car.  I think it can read my thoughts.  It’s possible that it’s reading yours right now. 

My anniversary is coming up and I’ll be in Utah when it hits.  Dan, I and the kids will be staying in my teenage sister-in-law’s bedroom, or as we like to call it — the guest room.  She’s very good at sharing.  There’s nothing like celebrating your anniversary in a room full of stuffy-nosed short people who stand on opposite sides of your bed yelling “GO AWAY” and laughing at each other till 1am.  It’s gonna be sweet. 

Oh, and I have to tie in the title.  You should wear socks more and you should probably wear more socks.  They are warm and they protect your feet from dirt and rogue stickers on the carpet.  I like socks.

So I miss you.  I hope your holidays are good. 

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