Tip Tuesday — Not Meant to Be

Tips are now back on Tuesdays because, hey, I’m the boss of this blog.

My sister-in-law and her roommates used to always ask me for romance advice because I’m totally married so I know pretty much all there is to know about dating and romance.  The advice was so good that a couple of months ago she set off on an 18 month adventure as the Mormon equivalent of a nun.

Good times.

Today please give me signs that a relationship is just not meant to be.  Here are mine.

It’s just not meant to be if:

-You excitedly take the big step of going home with your true love to meet the fam, only to have him introduce you by saying, “This is Kathryn.  She lives in my apartment complex and she didn’t have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving.”

-You have to call Delilah to find out what “your song” is.

Now you go…

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