I Support Choice and Natural Consequences

Today is Blog for Choice Day and posts are popping up everywhere in support of Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose.

The labels that fly around show the biases of those who wield them.  I could be called “pro-life”, “anti-abortion”, “anti-choice”, “crazy conservative religious wacko” or any number of names due to the fact that with the ability to choose, I believe there comes a moral responsibility.

I believe that one of the greatest gifts we have in this life is the agency to choose our own actions.  Before we choose, we need to think about the natural consequences our actions will have on us and those around us.

At a pretty early age, I learned what happens when a man and woman engage in sexual intimacy.  At a slightly older age, the mysteries of birth control were explained to me, along with their effectiveness rates at inhibiting pregnancy and STDs.

It is every woman’s choice what she does with her own body.  If she chooses to overeat, smoke 10 paks a day, run a marathon, or have sex with another person, then she has the right to make that choice and deal with the consequences.

When her choices put her in a position to have a dramatic influence over another person’s life or death, she suddenly needs to act more responsibly.  If her husband quits his job and lays around all day expecting to be supported, does she have the right to cap him off so that he’ll no longer be a drain on her finances?  If her 18-month-old turns out to be a destructo and a nuisance and she can no longer go out clubbing every night, can she toss him down the garbage chute and move on with her life?

Technically, a woman does not have the legal right to choose either of these things.  What if the baby was only 3 months old and had colic?  Still not legal.  What if he was in utero and just starting to suck his thumb?  Many people would like this to be legal and at times it has been.  What if his little heart and brain were still developing at an amazing rate and he was completely defenseless?  Bing!  At this point, our country considers it okay to terminate the baby’s life so that the mother can move on with hers.

What if the woman didn’t make the choice to have sex, such as in cases of rape or incest?  Of course she should be given the choice to recover her choice that was taken away by force.  What if the pregnancy puts the mother’s life at risk?  Of course she should have the option of terminating her pregnancy in self-defense.  Either of these circumstances would be agonizing but the mother should have the option to save her life or reclaim her body after it was taken over by violence.

Having carried 2 children to term, I cannot imagine thinking its okay to kill a child of any age simply as a form of belated birth control, because the timing just isn’t right or to avoid putting a crimp in my lifestyle.

I think of wonderful people like my sister who anxiously wait to adopt a child when millions are snuffed in a quick and easy procedure each year.  The idea that the only alternative to abortion for the accidentally pregnant is a lifetime of unwanted motherhood is absurd.  There are so many choices available.

Personally, I choose to be responsible for my own actions and accept the consequences that they produce.  I choose to love and protect the most innocent and defenseless among us rather than subjugating their rights because they’re too little to organize a protest rally.

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