Tip Tuesday — Just a Smidge Country

I grew up hating country music.  HATE.  I’m not sure why except that hating coutry music was the cool thing to do and since I was not cool, I spent a lot of time doing the things that would supposedly transform me into that enviable chilly state.

No one probably cared that I didn’t listen to country music but I knew that if I was ever shoved into a junior high locker and forced to admit ever listening to the detestable stuff, I could answer “NO!  Take off, eh?” with a clear conscience.

When I moved from Canada to Houston my junior year of High School, I was slowly exposed to country music by friends and more importantly boys.  I liked boys who liked country music, who went to rodeos for more than the funnel cake, who knew what FFA stood for.  I needed to speak their language and during that time became familiar and somewhat in like with a few big country artists. 

When I left Texas, my interest dwindled and I’ve become indifferent to the twangular style of music.  Lately I’ve been trying to expose the kids to a bunch of different musical styles.  Laylee still loves Bob Marley but I’ve been having trouble finding something that really moves Magoo.  He will not dance.  This week I was playing the second movement of Verdi’s Requiem when Magoo started going nuts, rocking out, bopping and laughing hysterically.  There’s nothing like Funeral music for dead poets to encourage this younger generation to get their freak on.

Anywho, it’s a bit disturbing.  I don’t think it should take tympanis and operatic solos in a minor key to get Magoo dancing.  So today I played some Garth Brooks and he appeared to like that too, if cautiously. 

I’m ready to get my feet wet again in the world of country.  What should I start with?  What are the must have artists and songs to bring a recovering Backstreet Boys and Tchaikovsky fan into the world of belt buckles the size of your mamma?

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