More Convos With Laylee

This afternoon I was trying to take a wee nap.  What better time for Laylee to engage in some fascinating discussion?

Laylee:  The monsters are keeping me awake.
Me [lobbing an imaginary can with my eyes still closed]:  Spray them with this Monster Spray.
Laylee:  Okay, I sprayed them and it killed them and now they’re DEAD.
Me:  That’s kind of harsh.  Usually I just spray them and it makes them sneeze so they leave my room.
Laylee:  Well they’re really annoying and I want them to be dead.  So I spray them and then they die.  Then I throw them out in the forest with the lions and they eat them and then they poop them out in the toilet and flush them away.  I don’t like monsters.

When I relayed this conversation to Dan, he remarked that she has quite a vivid understanding of the circle of life, or, I might add, the digestive system. 

Laylee:  I just said a little prayer and Jesus said it’s time for us to play a game.
Me:  Maybe if He said that, He’ll play a game with you.  I’m sleeping.
Laylee:  Nope.  He says He wants you to play it. He’s tired. 

I know He is, but what am I?

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