Tip Tuesday — Faeries (A Contest)

Laylee’s birthday party is coming up soon, really soon. Like, how soon? Is it today mom? Is it lasterday? Does it touch today? When is it? Very very soon.

For some reason she only wants to invite people who are at least a year older than she is, she wants the party to be about faeries and beyond that she doesn’t much care. This is good because although I care deeply about 4-year-old faerie birthday parties, I care more about saving money to replace my roof.

So, I’m planning to do things on the cheap…er…on the creative. I’m going to tell faerie stories, read faerie facts, sing faerie songs. We will play “pin the wings on the faerie” and then go out in the yard and build faerie houses out of sticks and tree branches. There will be a faerie cake and faerie bingo. I’m thinking about ripping out the children’s teeth, forcing them to take naps and then putting quarters under their pillows. Too much?

I need to do something for treat bags and here’s where you come in. I don’t want to give the kids a ton of cheap junk. I can’t afford to buy them a ton of expensive junk. I want the bags/favors to be themed, having something to do with, say, faeries. I’m open to giving them each one decent gift or bag of goodies.

Whoever gives me the best party favor/bag idea for these little 4-year-olds will receive a Daring Young Mom T-shirt (sizes M-2XL available).

I’d love activity and game ideas as well. Seriously, ya’ll, I need your help.

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