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Today I got the best comment ever on my blog at The Parenting Post.

“Seriously.. if my name were Magoo I’d want to commit suicide.. I can’t believe people are actually listening to this stupid baby-naming fad.. STOP NAMING YOUR CHILDREN AFTER FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Also, stop making up new names.. we have a list of names for a reason.. so USE IT!”

The commenter kindly provided his email address to which I sent this response:

Yes, Magoo is totally his real name. I didn’t give him an alter-ego at all on my blog to protect his privacy. I thought it would be a good idea to use his real name on the blog so his junior high friends could google search “Magoo Daring” and find out all about the consistency of his infantile poop. You’re right. I must be stopped.

Our next child will be named McFrick or Throckmorton, regardless of gender. Are those on “the list” or should I keep brainstorming?

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