Tip Tuesday – Cheer Up Little Fella

What cheers you? What brings you joy? When you need a quick pick-me up during the day, where do you turn?

Paint your toenails all different colors. If you really want to cheer up, paint your daughter’s too. If you REALLY need something extra, paint your son’s as well and see how long it takes dad to notice.

Lay on your back in the middle of the laundry pile and move the clothes around until they fit your body exactly. Then fake laughter until it becomes real or maniacal. Throw large clothing items at your children.

When your children are yelling at you, yell back in unrelated jibberishical syllables while dancing around and shaking your hair. Stop. Take a trip to the potty by way of the Cadbury mini-egg stash and stay there for a day or two. (If your home contains young children, you are authorized to peak through the crack under the door every hour or so.)

Eddie of the house of Bauer.

Conduct and star in your own living room opera. If you’re at work, go find your car in the parking garage and scare a few unsuspecting commuters with your muffled melodies. CD soundtrack is optional.

If all else fails, post your medical history on the internet and watch the encouraging comments pour in. I’ve got this goiter, ya see…

I’d love to hear what little releases you all have up your sleeves.

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