Shake it Like a Steak Sauce

My mom’s fridge is all aflutter with blog fodder.

I have been a longtime user of what Laylee likes to call “One-A sauce.” I usually shake it before using. After reading this warning, I think I’ll take the job more seriously. And maybe employ a soundtrack to get me in the mood.


I’m thinking of trading my fridge for this bad boy. Can you believe that it contains a CONVERTIBLE DRAWER?! I know. I couldn’t believe it either but there it is in plain blue writing. Pictured here is not only a fabulous vegetable drawer but with the proper tools, you could convert it and fill it with tasty deli meats.


Or if you’re my mom, you can buck the system and just jam it full of a bushel of oranges. The versatility is practically limitless.

Man, I love signage.

the reasons: video messages from Dan, chocolate cupcakes, sisters

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