Tip Tuesday — The Joy of YouTube

YouTube scares me, quite frankly. You never know what kind of junk you’ll find when you go there. The internet has gone completely content crazy. Got a video of your dog taking a nap? You’d better post it quick before he wakes up.

The ever wonderful PhilTube parody site keeps Dan and I laughing and asking each other, “Is it up yet? Well get it up!” (The site appears to be down. I’ll put a link up if it resurfaces.)

A while back Jeana posted links to some of her favorite commercials and it got me thinking, “I need more fun video in my life.”

So, here’s my latest greatest find, a reminder that you should really keep an eye on the garbage your kids are exposed to.

I’m also an undying fan of the Outpost.com commercials.

Give me a link to something that makes you laugh online – in a DYM appropriate sort of way.

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