Rabid Demonic Cows

he's a witchMagoo’s favorite new book is Rabid Demonic Cows by Margaret Wise Brown, originally published under the title The Big Red Barn. His verbal skills are burgeoning along with his animal impressions, particularly if he’s doing an impression of… a rabid demonic cow… or a dinosaur. They sound pretty much the same.

He can speak in short full sentences but prefers to shake his head wildly and say, “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO,” while frantically grasping for the item you’re offering him. He reminds me of Tom.

He wants to use the potty, but not really. He wants to sit on the potty wearing nothing but a furrowed brow and a smile. The combination is unnerving. I am afraid of his equipment which points ominously upwards as he sits with his chubby legs smooshed together. He has yet to unleash a stream of any kind but when he does, I may need a Swiffer with a longer handle.

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