I am One With the Dirt

mudboyWe’re having some guests this Friday so I spent 6 hours on Saturday slogging through the mud in my new rain boots finding worms and pulling the hamstrings in both my legs, a little thing I like to call “yard work.” There is probably at least one worm for every blade of grass in my yard and at least 2 weeds for every worm. We like it wild.

When I went to buy rain boots, I saw some flowers that asked me to please bring them home, which I did. As I was planting them, I found several other half-chewed bulbs lying around the yard. CURSE YOU BAMBI-DEER!

I didn’t plant any of the flowers in my yard last year so I didn’t miss the ones the deer et. I’ve actually been looking around in awe, never knowing what will pop up next.

It’s fun to move into someone else’s landscaping… and scary. Under the tree stump out front is a hollow space. In the hollow space is a mushroom, a giant rock and then a deep cavernous void of slime. I did not reach my hand in there but have spent several minutes imagining what kind of creature could be hibernating under a tree stump in my yard and whether it’s hungry for little boys named Magoo who will most likely try to pull it from its lair by the eyelashes the moment I turn my back.

I bought a power washer. I wash things. Powerfully. I wash moss off my deck, paint off my railing, crud off my driveway, dirt off my flower petals, and petals off my flowers. You should try it some time.

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