Straight Up Now Dan

Straight up now, tell me do you really wanna love me forever? Wo-oh-oh or am I caught in a hit and run? Straight up now, tell me is it gonna be you and me forever? Oh-oh-oh. Or are you just having fun?

When we were driving around this afternoon my, like, totally favorite Paula Abdul song ever came on the radio and while Magoo and I were rocking out, Laylee was listening to the lyrics.

“Mom? Can you please listen really well to this song and remember all the words so you can sing it to Dad when we get home?”


I’d better do it quick and get to bed. Tomorrow morning I’ve got to get up early for an appointment with my brain professional. We’re back together and I’m moving forward with his happity-pappity pill poppily recommendations. Some people are near-sighted and need glasses. Other people are physically superior in nearly every possible way (a-hem!) but somehow end up needing a gray-matter chemistry set.

Dan met me at my last appointment and I’m glad he did because he didn’t let me downplay the symptoms I’m still having. I tend to think that if I snag a better attitude, all of my problems will just DEES-appear. And I was in a great mood on the way to the doctor’s office.

How could I not have been? I turned on the radio and Boyz II Men were singing. They’d started a group and there they were kickin’ it just. for. me. Dan helped me overcome my Motown Philly-induced euphoria and keep it real with the doctor.

So, yeah. I’ve gotta go sing Dan that song. And maybe Cold Hearted Snake. You have to admit – Paula Abdul had a lot of really great hits in her day.

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