Today I Got Shot

Do you ever spend an entire day wearing makeup and hanging out with a man who is not your husband, while your son mistakenly calls him Daddy?

Does your son refuse to eat string cheese if there are individually wrapped Mini-Babybel cheeses in the fridge?

Do your lips break out in hives after a few hours of wearing lipstick because you’re so unused to wearing it?

When having a conversation with another person, do you place your laptop directly to the left of your head with your blog ready and loaded on the screen so they don’t forget you’re a blogger?

Do you ever go grocery shopping with 2 tired hungry kids, a cameraman and a TV producer?

I do.

If you want to view my startlingly life-like portrayal of “Mommyblogger on TV for the First Time”, check out The Today Show on April 24th.

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