Things Are Getting Back to Normal

Shortly after midnight this morning, I told Dan I was pregnant and that he had a huge spider on his back. APRIL FOOLS! He didn’t fall for it. I began laughing so hard I “bawled my eyeballs out” (as Laylee would say) and rolled around on the bed cackling. I told Dan I was crying. He said, “Sad crying?” and I said, “Yes.” He said, “Oh baby, really?” “APRIL FOOLS!” I replied and laughed for another 2 hours.

The Today Show manicure is starting to chip. I can feel my cuticles multiplying even now.


The “let’s try to look like Martha or Oprah because of course we ALWAYS have fresh roses” of love from Dan are beginning to wilt.


I am eating chips with no makeup on. (Gross! Who puts makeup on chips?)

I’ve decided that it’s much easier to act natural when there’s not someone hanging around reminding you to… act natural. If you’re thinking about how you would normally walk into the library, you’re no longer normally walking into anything. I wonder if my Cuban action was too much.

Instead of church this weekend, we watched 8 hours of a world-wide general conference over the internet. Great, great stuff and fabulous to get a little religion while snuggling with your peeps. They frown on under-blanket snuggle fests during normal Sunday worship.

wafflesFor dinner tonight we enjoyed the flava-full culinary stylings of our big daddy, Homey D. What? What? I had to try taking this picture twice. On the first attempt, the batteries were dead to me.

Karen’s post made me laugh so hard I cried and as usual Chilihead has harvested the best of YouTube for our viewing pleasure. I just noticed that Heather suggested it on YouTube day too.

Laylee is running around the house making “horsey noises” that sound like a pork dying in agony and I’m merely annoyed, rather than embarrassed. The kids have been completely in-sane since this morning and I’ve sort of been letting it build to a frenzy before I put them away in a fit of bedtime.

Honestly they deserve a little crazy freedom. They were so good when the crew was here, I’m seriously considering calling up Miss Hannigan and asking what we have to do to finalize these here adoption papers.

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