Welcome Mat

So welcome to the world of the BLOG. Sounds scary, eh? Really it’s not. Take off your shoes and make yourselves comfortable. Pajamas are welcome here. And chocolate.

Topics covered on this site include but are not limited to:

Garage Sales, Solid Food, X-rays, Snow White, Mullets, Karate, Self-preservation, Worm Sweat, Beef and Tweens, Sweetness, Weaners, Piglet, NASA, Deet, Rejection, Insects, Illiterate Cows, Toothbrushes, Heartache, Signs, The Ark, Orphans, Movie Reviews, Urban Legends, Songs, Hertz, Deoderant, Pigs Feet, Holes, Reversion, Rabid Demonic Cows, and Sonnets.

Take a moment to look around. Then go start your own. You know you want to. These girls will show you how.


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