Two is Only Terrible on the Third Thursday of Months Ending in R

Magoo recently turned 2 and I honestly feel that there’s nothing terrible about him.

untitled2He loves blankets ferociously and sleeps with 6 or 8 tucked around him like a little nest. He still has fat in all the right squidging places but is stretching upwards so that he’s beginning to look like a Real Boy.

I have a hard time recognizing him without food on his face and I’m sure he finds me similarly unidentifiable without matching food on my shoulder. He loves hugs. It’s one of his many chants. “A hug, a hug, a hug, A HUG!!!!” The others include but are not limited to:

Mo mo cheece! (more more cheese — it doesn’t matter if his last cheese was 5 minutes or 5 weeks ago, he always begins the discussion as though he had just swallowed his latest bite.)
Wook, wook, wook, wook! (LOOK!)
My BAKE-IT! (blanket)
I got it!

Yeah, he’s got it.

He is often very concerned and has highly expressive eyebrows.

His head precedes his feet by at least a foot when he’s running. He is always running. Unless he’s falling down.

He wants to mosh with life. He wants to experience everything.

untitled3He loves his sister greatly. He may love airplanes more. He still prays for shoes several times a day. He begs to use the potty but never goes. He uses his head to catch his fall, afraid of damaging his hands.

Hands are for scooping peanut butter and for smearing… various things.

Each night at bedtime he makes an inventory of his various visible body parts and will not sleep until all of them have been solemnly kiss-ed.

Throughout the day, he peeks behind couches, boxes and piles of laundry, looking and asking for Daddy, sure he’ll pop up at any moment and mourning his absence.

He can eat more than Dan.

He feels things more deeply than me and cries when Laylee is sad.

He is a tender little man, growing up too quickly. I felt a sweetness about him before he was ever born but I never imagined how my soul would light up every time I saw his little round face and chubby knuckles.

I know that even when all the baby fat has melted away, I’ll always be able to look into his blue eyes and see my little buddy.


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