Lessons From Harriet Carter — Part 1

Dan and I love getting the Harriet Carter catalog and devour it like we’re reading the color funnies. But more than an entertaining page-turner, the Harriet Carter catalog is also an educational tool. The next 4 weekends, I will share some lessons we’ve learned from Harriet Carter that may enrich your lives as well.

Everything becomes more valuable if it’s As Seen on TV. I suppose that makes this website a “must-have”. Actually, maybe not. I think the item has to be As Seen on TV in a paid advertisement to be truly remarkable. I did not pay to be As Seen on the Today Show.

My Lil’ Reminderâ„¢

Sticky-backed Velcro is the only hardware you should ever need for home improvement projects.

Instant Screen Door lets fresh air in, keeps bugs out! Screen attaches to almost any door frame with hook and loop strips included.

You can write anything you want and it’s never a lie as long as you type it in quotes. I “ran” down the stairs this “morning,” ate some “nutritious” cereal and “sang hymns” to the kids as I made them “muffins” from “scratch”. “This” could come in handy.

“Wrought Iron” Garden Fence adds instant visual impact to your lawn, flowerbeds, along a path or walkway. Looks like iron but it’s actually heavy-duty, weather-resistant plastic that won’t rust or corrode.
wrought iron

“Silk” Rose Bush bursts with blooms that will last for years! Enjoy them in a vase indoors, or outdoors as part of a shaded garden”” these beauties will never wilt or fade. Onlookers will be hard-pressed to tell the real from the “silks.”
silk rose bush

The cure for hunch-back-itis is to stand up straight and wear a magnetic bra.

Magnetic Back Support helps ease pain and corrects poor posture! Special design pulls back shoulders, straightens neck and head, and aligns spine without discomfort. 12 magnets inside the adjustable brace may help soothe spine and lumbar area.

There is a special “AS SEEN ON TV” cleaner for every bodily fluid that may “spill” on your carpet, mattress or upholstery. If it comes with a free “stain detector” you can see exactly where all the “spills” are in your house or throw a rave.

Urine Goneâ„¢ removes new or old stains & odors from carpets, mattresses, furniture – just about any washable surface or fabric! Darken the room and use the included “stain detector” black light to let you find the urine messes. Just spray on Urine Gone and its enzyme action makes stains and odors disappear.
urine gone

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