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Monday Business

TweetErin and I have booked our flights and rooms for BlogHer. Some other fun people will likely be joining us. I’m already taking notes on what I want to learn and picking out shoes. Are you going? Would you like … Continue reading

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Dan Shoulders My Heavy Load

TweetSo normally I’m the one who does all the blogging in the family. Not only do I blog whenever I feel like it on this site but I also blog once a week at Dan skips off to work … Continue reading

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Please Buy a Calendar

TweetDan and I are a tad twisted. We are also literate and we have children. We like to read to them. We also encourage them to yell “helloooo” down storm drains to the imaginary people and piranhas who have made … Continue reading

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My Life is so Exciting I Need to Sit Down

TweetToday I found broken glass, a rusty screwdriver, a board with protruding nails and a large leg bone* behind the bamboo in our backyard. It took a few minutes for the creepy music to die down and then I calmed … Continue reading

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Just Take a Plate of Cookies

TweetNote to self: When meeting the new people next door, say something innocuous like, “Welcome” or “Cute kid you got there.” Do not compliment them in detail on their bold new kitchen décor… in their kitchen you cannot see from … Continue reading

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You got a minute or twelve?

TweetSo, thanks ever so much for coming and reading and putting up with all the Tom Foolery that goes on here. It would help me out a ton if you’d be willing to take a minute or twelve and fill … Continue reading

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