Well Enough About Me

Let’s talk about you for a minute. (Be sure to answer the questions at the end of the post!)

A while back I asked you all to fill out a survey for me. The results are in and they’re fascinating.

74% of Daring Young Mom readers are between the ages of 21 and 34. No one over 75 or under 18 admitted to reading this blog.

I’m surprised that only 3% of the readers surveyed were male. I’ve always been very popular with the men folk. Maybe they couldn’t handle my year-long period of lactational discourse shortly following Magoo’s birth.

Although I live near Seattle, I’m actually located in a very small town. A quarter of you also live in small towns or out in the country but more than half make your homes in the suburbs. For some reason, my blog does not appear to be massively appealing to the urban crowd.

Most of my readers are middle class but those few of you making over $500,000 annually, please email me. I’ve got some great ideas for how you could spread around the love.

Very few of you have more than 6 kids yet so I guess most of us are still getting started. We’d better get busy.

96% of my readers have had at least some college education. Rock on educated ladies! … and you few gentlemen.

Your political views are all over the place with the biggest portion of you (45%) listed as republicans.

Half of you have a valid passport. The rest of you should get on that if you want to visit my motherland any time soon. I’m working on getting one for Magoo tonight actually.

For the most part, you’re churchgoers, or at least you claim to be for internet research purposes – with the largest group, roughly a third of you, being Mormon.

Your occupations are so varied I think I could staff an entire mini-civilization with your expertise. I’ll let you know when there are job openings for the Daring New World.

You need to send more email, preferably to me.

More of you watch Saturday Night Live than any news show, more American Idol than The Office and if so many of you watch What Not To Wear, why have none of you nominated me to be on the show? I’d gladly be humiliated for an hour for the chance to get a whole new wardrobe.

You use the PCs, although I suspect that many of you like me dream of switching to the Mac.

You started reading blogs right around the same time I started this one.

You like your internet speed high and 62% of you have your own blog.

More than half of you use Blogger.

30% of you only read one blog per day. Awww… geee…. Thanks. Oh. You didn’t mean mine? I still like you.

You read blogs for humor, personality and perspective but you like mine anyway.

60% of you never use RSS to read blogs. It really makes life much easier, ya’ll. You can subscribe to all your favorite blogs on Bloglines and it keeps track of new posts for you.

Only half of you floss regularly. This makes me like you more. I won’t say why.

You talk on the cellular phones.

Tsk. Tsk. Only 18% of you believe in UFOs. I sure hope you all still believe in Santa.

There were a few questions not covered in the survey or in other surveys I’ve conducted. There are things I just need to know.

For today please answer one or more of the following 3 questions:

What percent milk do you drink?
How many of your kids are currently named Dirk?
Do you believe in dust mites?

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