Business Executives Are Like Me

At BlogHer I learned that business executives are a lot like me.

First of all, in order to be successful they need to have a plan and some good management.

kathy-peelI got to meet one of my all time home organization idols Kathy Peel. Yes I have home organization idols. When I saw that AOL Body was offering the chance to eat lunch with Kathy, I. Flipped. Out. When Dan and I got married, I was troubled with the thought of quitting my professional life to be a baby machine and I decided to read everything I could on Home Management, Organization and Child Rearing so that I could really start thinking of my mom life as a career. I wanted to put every bit as much effort into my new role as I had in the business world.

Kathy’s books really spoke to me because she writes from a business perspective, using solid business practices and team building techniques to whip any home into shape. She helps you find solutions that work for you and she’s just a wonderful person. I think I got a little drool on her jean jacket as she was signing my book and she pretended not to mind. Honestly, there are very few celebrities who could get me that excited. (No, not even the Backstreet Boys.)

So, I want to run my home like a business, a fun, slightly messy, relaxed sort of business. I’ve let a lot of her advice get lost in the process of OH-MY-WORD-I-HAVE-CHILDREN-HELP-ME-ITIS, but last weekend Kathy got me back on track and I’m ready to get serious again.

amocoSecondly, they like to give away free stuff, free stuff with their name plastered all over it, free stuff that for some reason ignites controversy in the blogosphere, but free stuff nonetheless. I like to give away free stuff too! I love it.

If I could have a job where I just handed out fabulous prizes all day long, I would take that job. Actually, I sort of have that job already. “Does anyone want a peanut butter sandwich, a clean bum, a rubberband to play with? I’ve got everything to make your wildest dreams come true!”

Going back to writing your name all over your stuff, did you ever see the Sesame Street episode with Donald Grump, a Grouch who owns more trash than anyone else in the world and insists on writing his name all over all his trash? I did. And I liked it. And I thought of it when I saw the new Trump Towers in Chicago with “TRUMP” written on every pillar. Um… yeah.

Third and lastly, when my kids fight over a toy, I’ve been known to put it in timeout. According to my architectural riverboat tour guide, the executives at Amoco were fighting so bitterly over corner office space when their 80 story tower (photo above) went up that the CEO had all the corners removed from the building and put them in timeout indefinitely.

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