Nothing Says Refinement Like Nugget-Flavored Ice Cream

For the past week or so, Magoo has been on some sort of weird food strike. He will eat cheddar cheese, anything that tastes similar to a fistful of sugar, and of course chicken nuggets.

He likes his nuggets dino-shaped and white meat only and he enjoys them with a subtle hint of ketchup glob.

Dan and our health conscious organic-loving neighbor were watching the kids play in the sandbox the other day. They were making pretend food out of sand and our neighbor wanted to get the kids involved.

They planted sticks in the ground to grow imaginary fruit.

Neighbor: What’s growing on your tree?
Layee: Cherries, bananas, peaches and strawberries.
Magoo: NUGGETS!!!!

They dished up bowls of sand for each kid.

Neighbor: What flavor of ice cream do you want?
Laylee: Strawberry banana chocolate
Neighbor Boy: Hazelnut Latte
Magoo: NUGGETS!!!!

And that was the answer to pretty much every question they asked Magoo. Who loves you? NUGGETS!!!! What do you want to do? I WANT NUGGETS!!!! Yes. We’re all about variety and nutrition at our house.

I will say that this weekend he discovered his great love of plums, or at least the first bite of plums, picked fresh from the tree. We were at a family wedding on a farm in Eastern Washington and we let Laylee and Magoo help us pick some fruit to take home. Laylee and I carefully laid our peaches into the box while Magoo ran from tree to tree taking one bite out of each plum he found, seeing the pit inside and exclaiming, “EW. YUCKY!” and throwing it back to swim away to freedom.

At one point I found a rotten peach in our carefully gathered box of fruit and so I picked it up and threw it behind the tree with all its good-for-nothing friends. Magoo’s face lit up. “OH FUN!” he exclaimed and began unloading the peaches and throwing them as hard as he could at the trees. I guess if you can’t spend your whole life eating nuggets, watching perfectly ripe fresh peaches explode is the next best thing.

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