Works for me Wednesday Night

wfmwheaderI’m late but hope this still counts. Shannon has been doing Works for Me Wednesday for ages. I think it’s a fabulous idea but I never quite get my stuff together on the actual Wednesday so then I feel silly posting something that works for me on a day that the alliteration wouldn’t work as well.

Then Wednesday comes around and nothing seems to be working for me so I don’t post anything. Now I have read and loved Shannon since long before she became the mighty force of internet rock-stardom that she is today and it tickles me pink to present my very first WFMW 3 minutes before midnight Pacific Standard Time.

It works for me to have diapers, hand sanitizer and fruity cheerios on hand when I need them. If you don’t think you could ever NEED fruity cheerios, then I think you should check your kids to see if they’re cyborgs or hippies or something.

wfmw-basketI usually keep the essentials in my giant diaper bag of an excuse for a purse, but every once in a while we’re out on the town and I notice I forgot to remember to restock my bag. Never you fear because I have everything I need right at my fingertips in a little plastic basket beside the driver’s seat.

Today I was driving around and Magoo said, “Here you go mama!” and gleefully tried to hand me a rather ominous booger. I pulled a piece of toilet paper from the basket, snagged the goob and disposed of it in my very own suspended garbage receptacle, an item that also works for me quite nicely.


Dan was the first to install one of these in the car and I find it simply ingenious. Instructions for installation are as follows:

1. Make a grocery list.
2. Gather up the children and rubber lizards from your house, put them in the car and drive to the store.
3. Unpack the kids, force them to hold your hand across the street and take them into the store.
4. Jam their writhing wriggling legs into a shopping cart and strap them in.
5. Buy milk, at least three things from your shopping list, Diet Dr. Pepper and cookies.
6. Just say no to 3 types of high fructose insanity in the checkout line while reading about all the celebrities who may or may not be pregnant.
7. Pull the money out of your shirt and pay for groceries.
8. Head for home.
9. Let your kids pull all but one bag of groceries along the cobblestone driveway until the bags shred and the food spills all over the place.
10. Remember to put the milk in the fridge within 4-6 hours of arriving home.
11. Smell it each time you drink it until you imagine it’s probably rotten and then throw it out, even though it just smells like milk.
12. Take the one grocery bag you saved from certain death back out to the car.
13. Thread the handles over the arm rests of the front captains’ chairs.
14. Fill it with debris, wrappers, boogers and polly pocket shoes.
15. Repeat.

These things work for me. And it’s Wednesday.

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