Chicco Stroller Giveaway

strollerChicco is giving away strollers like they’re going out of style. I’m all for giving things away and for helping make strollers go out of style so I’m pleased to promote the contest going on at Chicco where one stroller will be given away each day in September (4 more chances to win!). I’m also excited to announce that one Daring Young Mom reader will win a stroller as well (that makes 5 chances to win!).

To win at the Chicco site, you have to answer a couple of easy questions. To win at Daring Young Mom, you need to do a bit more work but the winner will be chosen from a much smaller group. It’s a really cool stroller that retails for about $150.

Here’s what you need to do:

Convince me that you NEED this stroller more than my other readers. You can do this through photos of your current nasty dirty stroller, poetry, song or interpretive dance. Dan and I will judge all entries in a completely biased and unfair way, choosing whichever one we happen to like the best. I will be accepting entries through this Sunday, September 30th at noon PST. Send me an email with your plea and someone will be getting a free primo stroller. I’ll announce the winner Sunday night!

(Oh, and if you like The Office and you like free stuff, go check out Eve’s giveaway. You have to hurry. The contest ends in a few hours when the season premiere airs.)

The Contest is Closed. I’ll let you know as soon as we have a winner!

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