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It’s Easy to Solve Other Moms’ Problems

TweetI came to realize if I judged them or their obnoxious kids, my own kids and I would likely go through the same obnoxious stage about 15 minutes later. [read more at]

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TweetMy time with Erin and her little babies is drawing to a close. There are signs in abundance that it’s almost time for us to go home for the last time this summer and get back to our normal routines. … Continue reading

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I Done Been Shaped

TweetI headed to the nail salon on my way out of town for a pre-BlogHer manicure. It’s like the pre-prom manicure. For one day a year it’s nice to pay $20 to your Korean fairy godmother and pretend that you … Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm

TweetI over-schedule. I want to do everything and be everything when I grow up. I want to grow my own food and bake bread and make my home a haven of educational bliss, moral perfection and impeccable scrabble playing. I … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home…

TweetExcept Prince Eric’s Love Nest. [read more]

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The Genetics of Sleep

TweetLately I’ve noticed that Laylee is very restless in her sleep. She grinds her teeth, tosses and turns. Often when we go at night to check on her, I’ll notice her mumbling and grimacing and I try to sooth her … Continue reading

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