This Poor Girl

space-chairWe spent an hour at the dollar store looking for the best possible toy in the world ever… that we could procure for the sum of one dollar. Laylee chose this slightly demented-looking princess Polly Pocket knock-off with removable hair. Actually she chose a Bratz knock-off but was swiftly redirected.

We had not yet made it home before the plastic princess tragically lost both her lower limbs in a pitiful wardrobe malfunction. Rubber clothes are hazardous that way. Laylee seemed unfazed. She loved her dolly just the same and seemed determined to find a way to restore the girl’s mobility.

So here she sits, lovingly stuffed in her personal space-age transport vehicle, a beloved remnant of Daring Young Dad’s own childhood. Her lopsided eyes peek out from the cockpit and her arms have been tenderly pointed straight up so her hands are available to catch floating marshmallows or goldfish crackers.

Laylee says it’s to help her get around “because she has no legs.” Truth be told, she does have legs. We just can’t find them right now.

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