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Retail Death March

TweetFor 7 hours we drove around getting further and further from home. If we’re already in Redmond, we might as well go to the mall in Bellevue. If we’re already in Bellevue, we might as well drive 15 more miles … Continue reading

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One Way Ticket to Muumuu-Ville

TweetI had no idea things were deteriorating this quickly. She’s always shown a preference for soft fabrics but I thought it would take her more than 4 years of life to spiral downward into a world clothed exclusively by stretch … Continue reading

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Insecure Voter

TweetProcrastinator seems like a made up word, like slang for someone who procrastins. It makes me think of the rodenator or a guy who would give me the wink and the gun and call me Kate-inator. Well I’ve been procrastinatorating … Continue reading

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What Do You Say When You’re Mad?

TweetI’m not really sure what I say when I’m mad. I’m mad, you see, at the time. Magoo squishes his eyes really close together, squinches his brows into a tight little mountain of peach-fuzzy flesh, flattens his lips out into … Continue reading

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The Halloween Witch

Tweet The Halloween Witch – Thaaat’s what they call me, folks. I am oh-so-done with my children running around at warp speed with their volume turned up to “shatter”. The candy was fun. The candy was beloved. The candy is … Continue reading

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Some Things Can’t Be Taught

TweetIn my heart I know I’m not as perfect as I sometimes like to think I am. At times I annoy myself with my little habits and quirks. However, I have a few fine qualities and traits I wish desperately … Continue reading

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